Ad | Giving an old table a new lease of life with Ronseal Interior Wax

Our dining table has been in our family for about 35 years. It was initially purchased by Guy’s parents in 1985, and was handed down to us when we first moved in together in 2016. We’ve always loved it – it’s big, it’s chunky and it’s rustic, so it was a no brainer to bring it with us and make it pride of place in our dining room when we bought this house three years ago.

We’ve had it for a long time now, and after many dinner parties, spilt glasses of wine and general wear in tear, it’s in desperate need of a bit of love before we begin entertaining throughout the festive period. We decided to use Ronseal Interior Wax to refresh and renew the table – and here’s how we did it..

Step One: Sand the table down

We started by completely cleaning the table, leaving it to dry and then sanding it down lightly using a hand sander and 120 grit sandpaper. We were careful to only apply light pressure to the wood, with the aim to buff it to retain the wood’s original characteristics and some of its imperfections.

The sanding process took around two hours and was extremely dusty (we’d recommend wearing a mask and doing the sanding outdoors), but provided us with a clean, fresh slate on which to apply the Interior Wax.

Step Two: Begin the waxing process

Once we’d cleaned the table to remove any dust and residue, we opened the tin of wax and gave it a stir to even out the texture. We opted for the shade ‘Dark Oak’ to give the table a deeper, darker colour.

We applied the wax directly to the table using a paintbrush (going in the direction of the grain), and applied a total of three coats leaving an hour’s drying time in between two coats.

Step Three: Voila!

The transformation is done, and the table was ready to use the same day. Ronseal’s Interior Wax has Diamond Hard protection, which means it can resist tough spills and cleaning.

I love how different it looks now it’s that little bit darker – and our dining table is now ready for a season of festive dining at home!

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