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I very rarely wear makeup unless I’m going somewhere special, so on the rare casual days I do, I wear this simple, two minute routine that lasts all day long and gives me plenty of glow. Here’s everything I use…

I start my makeup with this Primer/Foundation base (I wear shade 4 Medium) and buff in using this cheap & cheerful Foundation Brush.

Next, I use this concealer under my eyes – another budget-friendly but brilliant purchase. I use shade Ivory and pat in using a mix of this beauty blender plus my fingers.

For blush, I swear by this cream blush in shade ‘Pinkgasm’ for the ultimate glow. I use this brush to buff it in like a normal blush (side note – these are some of the best brushes on the market, I’ve had mine since 2017). I’ll then go over the edges with the same beauty blender as above to make sure it’s seamless.

I’ve had my brows laminated recently, so I just use any old spoolie brush to brush them into place, before finishing with this brow gel in shade Brown to add a bit more thickness and to hold them in place all day. For mascara, this one is my ultimate fave!

Lipstick wise, I use this classic lippy, finished off with this plumping lipgloss.

Finally, and after letting my makeup sit for five or ten minutes, I use this setting spray to hold it all in place.

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