Mood boarding for a bedroom makeover

I’ve never been one for planning ahead when it comes to mood boards and designing – I’m usually more of a ‘get stuck in and hope for the best’ kind of gal – but after two years of DIY and renovations I’ve decided to take a more thorough approach to redecorating from now on. With many of the projects we’ve done so far, budget has been the deciding factor as we’ve painted over wallpaper, ripped up carpets with our bare hands and painted over tiles rather than do things ‘properly’ and start from scratch.

To be honest, the master bedroom is probably at the bottom of our list of priorities when it comes to the house makeover. We updated it last summer (I think that whole project cost around £100) but it felt more like sticking a plaster over a problem than an actual redecoration.

The deciding factor in picking up our paintbrushes again has been sleep. We’ve always had a double bed since we’ve lived together (so about six years now) and in the last few weeks, something’s snapped – I NEED more space for my sanity, and for my back. So, we decided if we were going to go to the effort of replacing our bed, the main focus of the room, we were going to go the whole hog and do everything properly. Here’s a short list of what we need to do:

  • Remove existing wallpaper and fill and replaster all walls
  • Repaint the room including woodwork (skirting boards, door etc)
  • Put down a whole new floor over existing, crumbly floorboards
  • Update furniture including bed, mattress, bedside tables, lighting and accessories

As I mentioned, I didn’t have big plans on the bedroom so I have no inspiration. I mean, none. I haven’t seen a bedroom on Instagram or Pinterest I’ve loved yet and I just didn’t know where to start with this one when it comes to themes and colour schemes, so I thought about what I know best – colour.

One colour I’ve not yet experimented with is blue, so that’s where I started with the mood boarding. As much as I love a dark, moody, navy blue, the bedroom itself has the most amazing natural light and I didn’t want to detract from that by going dark, so I tried searching for some colour ways where the two are pared together and found these amazing images:

Next, I picked out two colours from Lick’s catalogue – Beige 03 and Blue 06 to see how they fitted alongside. I’ve booked in a Colour Consultation with Lick for the end of the month to discuss in detail, so I’ll keep you updated, but for now these are my initial colour way ideas.

As mentioned, my current bedroom isn’t ‘bad’, I actually really like a lot of items in there so there’ll be a lot about the room that I either keep or upcycle, and for this project I’ll be trying my best to focus on sustainability.

Existing features include the original fireplace, which will, of course, be staying, but I’ll also be reusing the curtains and blinds as they’re perfect for the space as it is. I also love the plants I’ve got in the room at the moment, so they’ll be staying put – so next on the mood board was adding these in…

I’m finally starting to get what the mood boarding fuss is about – by seeing these colours and items side by side I can see exactly what’s missing for me – texture!

And there you have it – my first final bedroom mood board!

I’m going ahead with my Colour Consultation with Lick next week to show them the space and discuss in further detail, but the prep work will start this weekend – we’re going to start steaming off the wallpaper (let’s all say a collective prayer that the plaster underneath isn’t too damaged) and begin looking at flooring.

I can’t wait to get going!

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