DIY Console Table

I’ve been on the lookout for quite some time for the perfect side table to fill the empty gap in my living room. Previously, I’ve just thrown a blanket basket here and hoped for the best but I’ve always felt that the corner needed a little extra something – plus some additional table space for styling and for glasses, etc. when we’re relaxing on the sofa.

I’d looked and loved the look of console tables but everything I found had been a touch too high, and when I’d searched for traditional side tables, they were a bit too low – now, I know I sound like the Goldilocks of interiors but these things really matter! I wanted something that would sit at the perfect height (just above the arms of the sofa so we could pop cups of tea & glasses of wine on there when watching a film) and be high enough to fill the empty wall space with styling pieces like tall plants and flowers. It seemed I was asking a touch too much from online shopping so I decided to get to it and try to craft something myself

First, I started with the legs. I’ve used legs from The Hairpin Leg Co before on my DIY dressing table (using an IKEA Alex shelf) and loved the finish they gave to the room – plus they were sturdy and have really stood the test of time. I had a little browse on the site and found the 28-inch legs in brass – a finish that would go perfectly well with the rest of the accessories in my living room – and from here, the project began.

Ideally, I’d have liked to get some custom-cut wood for the table top but in these strange, Coronavirus times, my local B&Q has reduced its services and wood cutting was one of them – boo! I’d measured the space and originally wanted a 86cm long table top, but managed to find an 80cm piece of shelf board in the shelving aisle for £8 – straight into my trolley.

Beggars can’t be choosers, and the wood I’d picked up was a pine effect – not my style at all. Fortunately, my DIY shed is filled with all sorts of cans and tins of paints and products and after some rummaging, I’d found a Walnut Wood Stain & some Danish Oil – a couple of coats of each (and an overnight dry) and I had the darker, oakier effect you see in the finished result.

Next step was to drill the legs to the tabletop itself and voila – the job was done.

I’m so happy with the finished result and have some custom made furniture on a budget. Now all that’s left to do is spend an hour or three fussing and faffing with the styling!

Six Steps to a DIY Console Table

  1. Measure up your space – think about how tall you want your table to be but also the width and depth to fit in with the rest of your furniture.
  2. Find a set of legs you like using the measurements – I recommend The Hairpin Leg Co but you can find some really quirky and unique pieces at vintage stores or on the likes of eBay.
  3. Next – time for a table top. You can pick up a shelf, or again hunt through second-hand stores for old desks or side tables you might like to repurpose.
  4. (Optional) – Finish the table top using by sanding down and using wood varnish, stain or oil if needs be.
  5. Attach the legs to the table top.
  6. Style it up – you’re good to go!

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