A quick and easy DIY refresh with Plank Hardware

We’ve all got those odd jobs around the house – the ones we know will take us no time at all if we just get going, but can never bring ourselves to actually do – right? This January, I’m on a mission to get busy and to get them done. With our first baby arriving later this month, we’re in full nesting mode and ticking off as many DIYs as we can and finally, we’re tackling the dull dining room corner that’s been totally neglected recently.

We had building work done in this space last year, which included the building of a whole new extension (which became our utility room). In the process, this door got a little battered and very dirty, and we ended up just putting on any old door handle to temporarily tick a box. This week, I finally got around to giving it a clean, refresh and a good old spruce up with the help of Plank Hardware and their gorgeous brass Morrison handles.

Here’s what we were working with before…

And here’s how we’re looking after!

This one was super easy – all we had to do was:

  • Remove the old door handles
  • Prep the woodwork by cleaning, sanding and filling in any holes
  • Give the door a fresh lick of paint
  • Pop the new door handles from Plank Hardware on

…and voila – job done. Makes me wonder why I didn’t just crack on sooner…!

PS – Just look how fabulous these handles are close up…

Blog post as part of paid partnership with Plank Hardware.

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