Creating The Perfect Dinner Party Tablescape

Throwing a dinner party is an excellent excuse to have your friends over and show off your interior styling – and one way to really impress your guests is through your tablescape. 

Tablescapes are hard to avoid. They’re all over Instagram and Pinterest (you all know how much I love a good, themed tablescape!) as people try to create the perfect table setting that looks stylish and sophisticated, ready to welcome guests.

The good news is that it can be simple to create a dream tablescape ready for your next dinner party, or even just to leave on display on your dining table. Here are some top tips for creating the perfect dinner party tablescape…

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Work with your table

Your table can be a very important part of your tablescape. Like me, you might want to show off the natural wood effect and create a more rustic vibe, while a glass or marble table also looks beautiful when left bare and uncovered. If you are going to use the table on its own, take steps to protect it. Using interior wax for your table (like I did as part of a recent project with Ronseal) could provide you with the protection you need, keeping it safe from spills and more.

Use a tablecloth or runner as your base

If going au natural isn’t for you, then using a table cloth or runner for your tablescape will give you a great foundation. Investing in a stylish Richard Haworth tablecloth will add that little bit of luxury, giving your table a professional look. Using a tablecloth will also protect your table, and make it easier to clean up afterwards. And as another bonus, if you need to put two tables together, you can cover it up with the help of a tablecloth. 

Meanwhile, table runners, especially linen or cotton ones, can give your table those boho vibes that will make the rest of your table fun to dress. A runner gives you something to lay the rest of your decor onto, creating a centrepiece for your table. 

Build beautiful but simple place settings

A stylish place setting is a thoughtful way to welcome your guests to the table. Usually reserved for a fancy restaurant or a wedding, more and more people are bringing this styling into their homes. There are a lot of beautiful place setting ideas you can draw inspiration from, and even add a little extra luxurious touch with some personalised name cards.

If the rest of your table decor is quite detailed, keep the place settings simple. A specially-folded napkin is a classic look, or you can add a small floral stem for a subtle but pretty touch to the place.

Show off your fanciest glassware

Your glassware can also add a more luxurious touch to your tablescape. While glassware has a function, detailed glassware adds a sophisticated touch. Glasses with ribbed detailing or metallic trims are particularly popular right now and the good news is, you don’t have to break the bank with them! Plenty of high street favourites like H&M and Primark sell stylish glassware at a fraction of the price of designer names.

Use foliage and greenery to create an on-trend look

If you want to create a modern, on-point look for your table, then you can’t beat a bit of greenery. Making a table runner made of greenery is very simple to do, and you can even use artificial pieces if you want to reuse it. Blend some leafy greens like eucalyptus, as well as some dried or fresh flowers and you’ll have a look that’s sure to impress.

As an alternative to a full green table runner, you can use sprays and stems in vases along the length of your table for a look that is also stylish and eye-catching. 

Add candles to create some mood lighting 

Finally, your finishing touch should be your lighting. Mood lighting sets the scene for your dinner party, and adding candles will give you the perfect finishing touch. Mix up your candle holders, use lanterns or pillar style holders to add that extra bit of glamour that will truly complete your table look. 

A dinner party is the perfect way to enjoy an evening of wining and dining with your friends. Your stylish tablescape will be an excellent talking point, and is something that will be sure to impress. You can try seasonal tablescapes or mix up your decorations to create a slightly different look each time. How will you decorate your dinner party table?

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