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When we first moved into our house way back in 2018, one of the mini projects we started was our back yard makeover. Here’s what it looked like when we first moved in…

Rather drab, I’m sure you’ll agree. We soon got to work with some cheap white paint and went over the brickwork but unfortunately, in the years since we’ve done it, it’s chipped and faded and this summer I decided to sort the back yard out properly and one of my main tasks was sourcing a hard-wearing, durable paint that would really go the distance.

You may remember earlier this year, I upcycled some old, tired bedroom floorboards using Ronseal’s Diamond Hard Floor Paint so when it came to our outdoor masonry, I knew it was going to be Ronseal to the rescue once again. This time, I opted for their All Weather Protection Masonry Paint in Warm White.

You’ll see to the bottom right of the above picture exactly what I mean by our previous paint chipping, fading and marking over the years. Unfortunately, the one we’d opted for originally wasn’t UV resistant (unlike Ronseal’s All Weather Protection Masonry Paint), so chipped, peeled and weather damaged quite easily.

The damaged, previously painted white walls before

First things first, I brushed down the surface of the wall with an old dust brush to get off any dust or cobwebs – this also helped to remove any old, dried paint from the brick surface.

From here, I got straight to work with the paintbrush right onto the brick. For me, I found one coat was more than enough to cover up the existing damage however, I’d always recommend two for best results, so I popped a second one on just incase (wait four hours between coats to be on the safe side). Fortunately, the paint itself is showerproof in just 30 minutes, which is the kind of guarantee we need living in Britain! I was lucky enough to have a dry weekend when I got to painting, but you shouldn’t worry too much if you get a light drizzle soon after you paint a layer.

Before, during and after – just one coat of Ronseal’s All Weather Protection Masonry Paint

Here’s a close-up of before, during and after just one layer of paint. As you can see, the coverage is pretty impressive and the colour itself is perfect. I went for a Warm White rather than a Brilliant White as I think it will make the yard feel much more summery when the sun is shining, although the paint is available in a range of colours from blacks to greys to creams and whites.

A few hours later – and here’s the finished result….!

You can find out where to purchase Ronseal’s All Weather Protection Masonry Paint here.

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