Stylish, affordable and sustainable dog products? Count me in!

I love my dog more than I love most things, but one thing I don’t love is the constant mess of toys, beds, bowls – you name it – strewn all over the house.

Before we adopted Otis, I’d spend lots of time browsing the web for bits and pieces that would fit the aesthetic of my home but also be actually useful and comfortable. When I found Olive & Berry, I knew I’d hit the jackpot – not only are all of their pieces made with dogs in mind, they’re also super stylish and extremely versatile and look great wherever you pop them in the home.

I opted for their Lilac & Charcoal Dog Duvet because I wanted something that I could move around the house at different times of the day depending on Otis’ needs. He’s got his doggy sofa in the living room and his bed he sleeps in in the bedroom, but the duvet has been perfect for all of those times ‘in between’ – when I’m working upstairs in my office, I can bring it in with me so he can keep me company and when we’re hanging out in the garden, it comes their too so he can catch some rays alongside us.

I’ve also found it to be super handy for when we’re on the go. Whether it’s for keeping Otis comfortable when travelling in the boot in the car or bringing it to our families houses when we visit so he can have a snooze, it’s super lightweight – plus, the outer fabric is removable and can be popped in the washing machine and and when it needs a refresh.

Best of all, the beds themselves are made from recycled plastic bottles – so they’re eco-friendly, too!

Whether you’re looking for dog-friendly interiors, handy accessories like drying coats or mitts or even gorgeous gifts for the dog-lovers in your life, Olive & Berry has it all!

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