Curating the ideal work space

Yet another national lockdown means the majority are back to working from home. Some of us love it, some people hate it but one thing we can be sure of after almost a year’s experience is that setting up a workspace in your home can be one of the best things you’ll do for your productivity (and for your mental health!).

Earlier last year, I converted our box room into a home-office and since then, I’ve redecorated, refurnished and reorganised the space multiple times as I figure out what works for me and what doesn’t. For example, I had my desk facing the window for a few weeks as I thought it’d be nice to look out of the window whilst I worked, but soon realised that sunny days mean more headaches, so my desk was moved into another corner. Here, I realised that I had my back to the door, which wasn’t ideal for the millions of Zoom meetings (!) so I decided to move again to a space where my screen would be facing a gallery wall. This made the space feel a lot more grown up – like a proper office, rather than a random room of the house I’d shoved myself into to get some work done.

I’d originally had the room all-white – it’s such a small space, I figured keeping it bright and airy would give the illusion of space but after weeks and weeks of working in there, I realised it was making me feel dull and uninspired. If you haven’t guessed, I love a bit of colour, so I decided to go in with a bright orange from Lick Home.

Most recently, Guy decided that he was sick of the sight of the dining room table and wanted to move into the office with me, too. A slightly difficult task considering the room is approximately 2m x 2m, however, it was important for him to be able to work in a space that he could close the door on at the end of each day so we decided to look for a second desk.

I chose this Outline Desk from Bisley as not only was it big enough to fit both of my laptops on with extra space for accessories, it also had built in shelving for me to store the things I use on a day-to-day basis along with space for trinkets and photos that bring a little joy to my working day.

I think I’m finally happy with the set up of the space and I do feel refreshed and revitalised coming in here to work of a daytime.

Do you have a home office space? I’d love to know how you work when you’re working remotely!

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