Setting intentions for a whole new month

It’s January and we’re back to the grind. I must say, I’m usually quite a big fan of January – I love the kick up the bum to get going on projects, set new goals and intentions and have a bit of a health kick following a greedy, lazy Christmas.

However, if there’s one thing I learned back in 2020, it’s not to plan ahead, so for this reason I won’t be setting myself year-long resolutions or goals as who knows what curveballs life could throw at us next?!

In a perfect world, I’d like to say this year I’ll tackle a few more projects around the house such as the bathroom, the main bedroom, the back-yard and the front of the house, but rather than worry about what I’m going to be working on in the summertime, I’m planning to just focus on the four weeks ahead of me (and even that seems hopeful in the current climate!).

In a realistic world, I’m working on my plans for this month and I’m setting myself a few rather hefty (but hopefully achievable) resolutions, including:

  • Going vegetarian for January – It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but I’ve just never gotten around to it for one reason or another. Originally, we were going to eat veggie at home but still have meat when going to restaurants/other people’s houses, but the current tier system and the inevitable lockdown means that won’t happen, so I guess veggie it is for the month.
  • My #EmeraldTerraceOrganisationChallenge – Basically, I’m setting myself a goal to organise an area of the house every single day for the month of January. Some days (like weekdays), it’ll be something small like the cutlery drawer or coat rack, but other days (like weekends) it’ll be something much bigger like the wardrobes, the utility room, etc.
  • Moving more – In a rather unoriginal January resolution, you guessed it, I’m going on a health kick and upping my exercise. For the first January in forever, I’m honestly not concerned about what I weigh or what dress size I am, however, I’d really like to get more active for my mindset and my mental health. Dog walks make this one a little easier to achieve but I’ll also be taking part in at-home workouts, I’m looking forward to it!

If I can achieve all of the above consistently throughout January, I’ll be pretty proud of myself. Having only the next four weeks to think about rather than the next twelve months, it all feels a lot more manageable. My plan is to reassess my goals at the beginning of each month to add or adapt to them and hopefully 2021 will go a little bit more to plan than the previous year…

Here’s hoping!

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