Reflecting on a crazy 2020

Ah, 2020 – the less said about that year, the better! Like most of you I’m sure, we spent a huge chunk of New Year’s Eve discussing the craziness of the previous 12 months, and how if someone would have told us this time last year that we’d spend most of this one staying at home we’d never have believed them. However, we survived it although it certainly wasn’t easy.

I always try to look at the positives in situations like this, and I’m grateful that I learned a lot of very important life lessons this year. Pre-2020, I was on the go constantly and looking back, it was absolutely no good for my mental health. This year, being forced to stop, stay home and relax has made me realise just how much I enjoy it, and the slower pace of life I’ve gotten used to over the previous few months really suits me well.

In the spirit of keeping upbeat, I wanted to write a post to reflect on the happy memories and achievements of 2020. Yes, we sacrificed a holiday (or three!), but in its place we achieved huge progress on our home renovation – with a brand new kitchen finally fitted and building work completed which allows us to have a much-needed utility room.

The kitchen is still a little way from being fully completed (for example, we’re yet to have a windowsill installed), but we’re hoping and on track to finish these snagging jobs in January – what else is there to do, eh!?

The utility room, although actually built, isn’t furnished or finished yet. With it being such a small space, I wanted a month or two to have a play with it to figure out the best layout. In this room, we want to have a functioning washer, dryer and fridge freezer along with vital storage space for cleaning bits like the hoover so it’s really important that we get this one right to minimise the clutter in our house.

Another personal favourite project of mine has been converting the home office. I wanted to create a bright, airy and inspirational space out of our dinghy old box room and with a big splash of colour (Orange 02 by Lick Home), I think we achieved it. It’s a tiny space, however, it’s great to have a separate office area to break up the day and I’m loving how it’s turned out.

Our Bedroom Makeover was the first project to come out of a lockdown, and in hindsight, a huge risk on my end! As you’ll all remember, it was near on impossible to get your hands on a tin of paint so I took a gamble and ordered a Sage Green shade from Wilko without ever seeing it or testing it in real life. I wanted to create a feature wall in our bedroom that was calming and relaxing in time for spring, what do you think?

Perhaps the most important project of all though has been bringing home our Otis. Otis is a Romanian rescue dog who we adopted in June 2020. He’s been with us for just over six months now and our life is all the better for having him in it!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and wealthy New Year – whatever 2021 throws at you!

Alicia x

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