A DIY Disco Garland

Hello everyone! Hope you’re all keeping well amidst the latest lockdown rules. I personally am finding it really hard to keep up, but hopefully soon we’ll have a better idea of what the next few weeks looks like for us and fingers crossed we’ll be able to spend some much needed time with our loved ones over the festive season.

And that’s exactly what brings me back to blogging – Christmas! I’ll admit, I’ve been a little slack on the blog-writing front, but I’ve not had much to update you on – our renovation is still very much ongoing due to some unforeseen setbacks, however, with December just around the corner I’ve been keeping busy with some DIY decorations I can’t wait to share with you.

First up is my Disco Garland.

I really wanted to experiment with something ‘themed’ this year as part of my decorating. I considered redoing the tree and going for a specific colour scheme, but I’ve got far too many sentimental and random baubles to ever do anything too ‘thought through’ when it comes to the tree itself, so the idea for doing something new with my fireplace was the way to go.

I had a set of small disco ball baubles lying around from a few years’ back, and I must admit we do love a bit of disco in this house, so they were the base of my inspiration to do something a bit different on 2020’s mantle. After some digging on Amazon for more accessories and in Hobbycraft for the extra bits of foliage, I had everything I needed to get going with the disco (ho, ho) centre piece.

First things first, I hung the two sets of extra-large baubles either side of the mantle. The XL Hanging Disco Ball Baubles were a steal at under £8 for a set of three from Amazon – the other set of navy baubles were from a few years back but I managed to find similar here (a set of three for less than £10). I used a combination of string and thin, navy ribbon to hang the baubles and simply secured them in place using Scotch Tape Wall Tape.

Next was placing the garland. I picked out this pre-lit Extra Thick Garland from WeRChristmas as my main piece and used two other thinner ones I had lying around to pad it out to create the full and bushy look – the bigger the better!

The first decoration to go in was my string of disco baubles. These are another piece I’ve had for years, but I’ve managed to find similar here (£7 for 12), here (£5.49 for 12), here (£22.99 for a full set) and here (£4.99 for 12) for those looking to create a similar, 70s style look.

For the foliage, I opted for tropical, non-festive pieces like fern and monstera leaves (so I could repurpose them throughout the year), and used a total of three plain garlands as a base to create the full & bushy look. These were all from Hobbycraft but have recently sold out, so I’ve found similar Fern Leaves here and here, Monstera leaves here and here and general mixtures of foliage here and here.

And voila! With a piece like this, you can add to each and every year and make small changes with the addition of new accessories, foliage styles and colours.

I’d love to know what you think!

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