Four ways to: Go Green

Today I’m chatting about one of my favourite things – using the colour green in interior design. I’ll be touching on how to add varying degrees (degreens?) of the colour into your home – whether you choose to go big & bold like I did or prefer something muted and more minimalistic. From deep, dark emeralds to soft sage accents – here are four ways I’ve incorporated my love of green into my house.

  • Go big or go home 

My first project when I got the keys to this house was to get going on Operation Green. I painted my open plan living & dining room feature walls in the most amazing emerald green shade (‘Galapagos’ by Valspar, for those asking) – and from here, Emerald Terrace was born!

I did know that I was working with a small space, and as much as I’d have loved to coat every single wall in the colour like a true maximalist, I had to think about the room I was working with. It’s big and it’s open plan, so I settled for painting both alcoves green and adding in some exposed brick and a lighter, toned down grey to par it back.

  • A stand out sofa 

Interior ‘rules’ would suggest that green walls and a green sofa shouldn’t really work together but in my book, it’s a winner. I can never remember which I picked first – whether I fell in love with the green Zinc Velvet Luxe by DFS x French Connection, or whether I wanted a jewel green living room and searched for a sofa to suit. Either way – I love the finished result – the sofa connects the rooms together and gives the downstairs living area a really cosy, connected feel. 

  • Soft, sage accents for a light and airy space

If I had it my way, all of my rooms would be painted green (seriously), but my husband has to pull me back down to earth and remind me at the beginning of every DIY project just how ridiculous this would look. Sadly, he is right.

A few months back, I updated my bedroom and insisted on going green regardless. The compromise was that we went for something softer and more earthy. By creating a 3/4 wall using Frog Tape and a picture shelf, paired with subtle additions like these H&M Home cushion covers, I got my green without the garish.

  • Plant perfection 

I’m a self-confessed crazy plant lady, and I’m a firm believer that no room is complete without a plant baby (or three). I’ve recently overhauled my plant collection thanks to an amazing delivery from Patch Plants to make sure that everything on ground/low table level is pet friendly (for my cheeky little puppy Otis), and have ended up with more plants than ever before.

A good plant makes a great accessory, and not only does it work aesthetically in a room, the presence of plants can bring so many benefits to your living room, your bedroom, your home office – the list goes on! Read more here

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