Organisation in Isolation: Home Edition

Hey everyone and hope you’re all holding up well under lockdown! It’s been a funny old two weeks staying at home, but I’ve decided to try and stay productive with all of the extra free time I’ve now got and have put together a list of things to keep you busy around the home during isolation.

I was completely inspired by Ruby Holley‘s ‘Declutter Your Home & Your Life‘ post and used this as a starter for putting together my very own list. Here goes…!

Living Room

  • Organise book shelf (e.g. colour order)
  • Sort out under the TV (e.g. clean up the wires, sort through Playstation games, DVDs etc)
  • Burn out any almost done candles and then bin/reuse the pots
  • Sort & deep clean under the couch
  • Deep clean the sofa including cushions, under cushions, etc
  • Finally get around to re-doing the gallery wall including building the custom picture shelf

Dining Room

  • Clean and organise bar area – put all full spirit bottles in storage to declutter
  • Sort through Vinyl shelves – rearrange and clean under shelves etc
  • Empty and rearrange the pantry cupboard cleaning shelves, etc
  • Sort through cutlery and bin anything that’s a bit old
  • Sand down and varnish wooden dining table
  • Repaint dining room radiator where it’s chipped
  • Clean down glass on all frames/prints


  • Empty and rearrange cupboards – throwing away anything that isn’t used/is out of date
  • Empty and deep clean fridge & freezer, and throw away any contents that aren’t used/are out of date
  • Sort out under the sink cupboard inc all cleaning supplies


  • Organise and rearrange the outhouse/shed
  • Gardening tasks including sorting out existing plants, repotting etc and planting a few new ones
  • Jet washing/deep cleaning the paving stones (there’s some pink paint on there from last year we need to get up!)
  • Jet washing/deep cleaning the white brick walls
  • Getting rid of anything that’s broken while in storage e.g. our solar powered string bulbs


  • Repaint the cupboards going over any chips
  • Repaint the stairs covering any chips
  • Finish the hallway gallery wall inc. ordering prints and frames and framing any existing prints/photographs
  • Finally get around to ordering some more wedding photographs for printing
  • Sort out hallway cupboards and bin anything not needed
  • Sort through post box and recycle all the flyers and junk mail
  • Go through the hanging rack and put away coats/scarves/bags


  • I’ll be spending some serious time hunting online for a good alternative to our hideous shower curtain
  • Declutter all skin care shelves – throwing away empties and putting away things that aren’t used everyday
  • Sort out toiletries cupboard
  • Go through the medicine bag and reorganise


  • Go through all old bedding sets and get rid of what we don’t need (or consider donating to an animal shelter)
  • Sort out underwear and pyjamas drawers and bin, bin, bin!
  • Organise bedside cupboards

Dressing Room

  • Wardrobe changeover from winter clothes to summer clothes and putting all winter clothes in storage
  • Ironing all the summer clothes before they go in the wardrobe
  • Clean all make up brushes/sponges etc
  • Make up drawer – take out all make up, clean inside the drawers and get rid of any products that are out of date/unused before putting back
  • Sort through jewellery and clean anything that needs it

Home Office

  • Sort through any old paperwork and get rid of anything we don’t need
  • Get rid of any old wires/cables/charges we’re lining on to for no reason


  • Make memory boxes – I finally got around to making my wedding memory box a few days back and it was such a lovely task, if you’ve got a special memory why not take the time to get all your stuff together (photos, tickets, memorabilia) and put it all together in an important place?

Now, I’m not promising I’ll actually get through all of the above in the next few weeks/months, but having the list is good for me to go back to every time I’m wondering what to do next.

I hope this list has provided you with some ideas to keep you busy, and I’d love to know what your productivity plans are in lockdown?

Alicia x

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  1. Love the list, thanks for the ideas! Might I recommend adding specific tasks in the garden? So far this week we have kept busy around the house. We’ve planted potatoes in the allotment, started brewing a new batch of beer, patched and painted some holes in the plaster, hung two new (heavy!) shelves in the kitchen, repaired the old pine door into my studio, and done heaps of gardening! All of this has been successfully done with out coming into close contact with anyone else or having go to any shops.

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