Getting organised for 2020

Hello & welcome to my blog!

Today I’m writing all about January and how I’m getting organised for the New Year ahead.

In 2019, I planned my wedding and got married in October, and the year before (2018) we actually bought and moved in to our home, so it’s safe to say it’s been a *pretty* busy few years for me and my other half.

Whilst I feel like I’ve been on the go constantly for as long as I can remember and been keeping as busy as possible, I’ve often felt like a bit of a ‘headless chicken’ and on reflection, a lot of things I’ve done around the house in the last two years have been rushed jobs.

For example – the bathroom. The first job I did when we moved in was to ‘makeover’ our bathroom. I’d been living in rented apartments for around 4/5 years before we bought our first home, and I’ve always missed having a really lovely bathroom – I’m such a bath person! Straight away I’d decided I was going to paint the room grey (mistake) and was in such a tizz I completely missed out the majorly important step of masking tape and edging in so it’s safe to say the end result was a mess. Secondly, I decided to paint over the tiles (another mistake) which I won’t admit to my husband but to this day still looks absolutely awful. Basically the moral of my mini story and my lesson learned is that this year, I’m going to be organised and really think each project through.

I was recently #gifted this gorgeous, monogrammed notebook from the lovely team at Papier. In my signature green leather and with my initials monogrammed, I’ve got no excuse to be disorganised when it comes to the home this year! You can purchase your own here.

Anyway, next on the never-ending list is the spare room. We’ve had this idea in the pipeline for a good few months and only made headway on the actual DIY this weekend once we’d firmly decided on our plans for the room. We’ll be taking our time with this one weekend by weekend and I can’t wait to show you the finished results!

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